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Integrated Pest Management

Professional, individualized, pest solutions for your home

Benson Pest Management is a full service company dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of Pest Control Services. This is a goal we strive to attain. We
combine a true concern for human health and the environment with the most up to date techniques and materials along with years of experience and thousands of jobs.

Why Choose Benson Pest Management


Over 14 Years of Experience

Benson Pest Management is an experienced and long established company that has taken on 1000’s of tough jobs over the years, and is ready to apply that experience to your Pest or Wildlife Control issue.


Insured Professional

Benson Pest Management is a Fully Insured Pest Professional meeting or Surpassing all State and Federal guidelines.


Licenced Master

Benson Pest Management will always bring an experienced Licensed Master Commercial Operator , to your property. B.P.M. is licensed in numerous license categories by the State of Maine to meet all your Pest & Wildlife needs.



We are and always have been a local, family owned company. B.P.M. prides itself in passing on that local, Maine Family Passion to your business and family, and all your Pest Control & Wildlife Issues.

Pest Control

Benson Pest Management ,because of it’s extensive licensing and experience can handle all your important pest & insect control needs. We have long term experience in Rats and mice, Bed Bugs, Fleas, Spiders, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Paper Wasps, Bald Faced Hornets, Flies, Mosquitos Ticks, Flies, all types of Cockroaches, Silverfish, and Carpenter Ants, in which we specialize . If you have a Carpenter Ant Problem we can fix that issue for you and we will guarantee it in writing. B.P.M. presently has a limited number of Service Openings for New Clients in the 2021 Carpenter Ant Season. If you are seeing or have seen signs of activity calling early in the process is being proactive and that is important.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control falls under the auspices and licensing of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and Benson Pest Management has been licensed as such since it’s first year in business. We have extensive experience in Bat and Squirrel control , and also keep busy with skunks, raccoons, woodchucks, snakes, porcupines, and other species. B.P.M. is also licensed in Big Game Control in the State of Maine. I have been doing some form of humane, live animal trapping since around the age of 5 on my Grandfathers farm in Sidney and greatly enjoy helping you with your wildlife issue.

Pest Exclusion

Here at B.P.M. we are big proponents of Pest & Wildlife exclusion. Properly sealing your business or home to help prevent entry by pest is a little costly in the short term but the long term Pest Control that it offers is the least costly method of protecting your investment. The exclusion process can involve simple work around a foundation or building base and could extend to fixing a roof ridge vent or installing multiple escape valves for bats or squirrels along the roof line.


Benson Pest Management Staff is licensed in 7C1- Disinfection and Microbia and 7C3- Core/Mold/Water Damage. We are skilled in the removal of waste and biological contamination in homes and businesses.Many times when wildlife and pest harborage in a home for a period of time they will commonly leave waste product and damage that needs to be addressed. This is especially true for Bats . If you have any questions or concerns you can call for a free consultation and we can arrange an inspection and then discuss your options.

High Praise From Our Clients

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Customized Pest Management

Professional, individualized, pest solutions for your home